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Appliance Installation - Birmingham Plumber

Appliance Installation – Birmingham Plumber

It is fast becoming the trend for more kitchen appliances to have water connections. Dishwashers, washing machines and American style fridge freezers all have water and waste connections to function properly so ideally you need kitchen appliance fitters to install them.

As with all kitchen appliance installation the trend for DIYers is to use self-cutting taps to make a connection to the water supply, this can cause a lot of problems and can end up being more expensive as there is always the risk that the self cutting taps will not make a tight connection and you will find yourself ankle deep in water in no time panicking to try and find the stop cock!

Central Plumbing Birmingham Plumber can install these appliances in accordance with current water regulations to save you time, money and worry.

Kitchen Appliance Fitters –

New Washing Machine Installation Service:

New washing machines usually only require a cold water and waste connection, however older washing machines usually need a hot water connection also. We can provide parts and labour to install a new washing machine in kitchens, understairs or utilities to satisfy our customers requirements. Installing a new washing machine also requires the removal of transit bolts and packaging that hold the drum in place, it is essential that these be removed before the machine is first operated. Let us handle the heavy lifting and make sure all water connections are leak-free so that all you have to worry about is getting that next load of washing done and not about the puddle of water on the floor!

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New Dishwasher Installation Service:

The installation of a new dishwasher may seem pretty straight forward, but it can be annoying and expensive to remedy any problems if the installation does not go to plan especially if the are no existing water connections. Save yourself time and money and have a professional  Birmingham plumber install your dishwasher and ensure that all the pipework is fully tested and commissioned.

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American Style Fridge Freezer Installation:

New American Style Fridge Freezers are becoming increasing popular for many homeowners and tenants. There can be some difficulty installing them as there is usually no plumbing connections in the required position and most American fridges do not have standard 15mm water supply connections. Why not have Birmingham Plumber install your American Style Fridge Freezer, we will run a supply to position and then connect to the supply using food safe materials.

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